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Thank You!

Everything we do in the Students' Union is a collaborative work with students at the forefront, and we wanted to make sure that this project was no different. We'd like to give a huge thank you to all of our models (who were clearly born for this), who took the time out of their days to help us make this happen.

You might recognise them from working in our shops and bars on campus, but this year, they're the key workers who never stopped smiling through a global pandemic. We loved getting to celebrate our staff with these photos, and now they're models too! 

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We couldn't have made such a beautiful website without the help of our incredible photographers, Louisa Kazig and Anthony Gorin! See below to learn more about their work (give them a follow, you know you want to).  

Louisa Kazig

Instagram: @louisakazig | Website:

Louisa is a wonderfully talented Brighton-based illustrator and designer, you might recognise Louisa's bright, colourful designs from around campus (particularly Freshers last year!) You can buy some iconic Brighton prints from Louisa's online shop, we'd highly recommend checking it out. Louisa is our graphic designer at the Students' Union, and as you can see, made our student staff shine! 


Anthony Gorin

Instagram: @beautyinnormalcy | Website:

Anthony is a self-taught artist, poet and photographer, with an emphasis on mental health and his personal journey. Both his photography and poetry come with a singular goal emphasising his mission to capture mental health and show people that beauty can be found wherever you are,  wherever you go, even in the darkest times, beauty in the everyday, or as he likes to say— beauty, in normalcy. He continues to use his art for social change, empathy and is trying to raise money for charities around Autism, mental health and injustices in society. Anthony currently resides and goes about his art in Brighton where he has been since moving there for university back in 2014